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Re: Interesting Objects observable by 4.5 inch reflector ?

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cr… (Chris Rand) writes:
>In <D0qJKz…> al… (Anthony) writes:

>>Dear all,

>>I am starting to use my 4.5 inch reflector again and was wondering
>>what interesting object in the Southern sky are now observable ?

>>Two nights ago I manage to get a quick glimpse of what I thought
>>was the Orion Nebule.  Should I be able to see it with my 4.5inch ?

>Yep, I can easily pick it out in an AstroScan…  You should be easily be able to see it with your 4.5".
>On some nights here west of Denver, you can see the nebula.

Seconded, I have an Astroscan and there are lots of things you can see
with it, and as more than just fuzzy blobs.  M42 is good, as are many
of the summer nebulas (M8, M17, M20 — needs a dark sky to see the lanes,
however — M27, and of course all the open clusters.)  In the winter, good
targets include the Pleiades (look for nebulosity if your sky is really
clear and dark), M81 and M82, NGC 2392 (bright planetary nebula in Gemini
with a bright, easy central star at higher powers), and, as usual, all the
open clusters.

Don’t forget planets, too — Saturn is still well-placed for observing for a
while in the early evening.

If you boost the power on that 4.5" up to around 100x, you should
begin to resolve the brighter globular clusters like M3, M5, and M13
— unfortunately, it’s not the best time of year for that.

>7500′, West of Denver

Dave, 5000′, East of  Salt Lake City — and cloudy.  Ugh.

Dave Nash (n…
School of Chemical Sciences, University of Illinois
"Holy Smoke!  Somebody blew up the Pope!"

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Re: How to mount a 8 inch F 2.9 newtonian

neil_sa… (neil sandy) writes:

: I have a 8 inch F 2.9 newtonian tube assembly. It has a full thickness mirror
: and is quite heavy, this causes balance problems and makes it a little hard
: to mount.

If you choose the proper mounting point, the mirror weight should not be a
problem.  Of course, that mounting point may be very close to the mirror.


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Telescope designs question

Hi all,

I am a newbie to this group but I have read the FAQs, etc.  and I still need
some help.  I want a book(s) that describes in reasonable detail, telescope
designs (not just amateur scopes), optics and electronics.  I would also like
information on the general manufacturing processes and glass chemistries for
the optics.  Are there any good books in regards to all this?

Allen Black
Dept. of Pathology
Univ. of Newcastle

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Comet Report: P/Borrelly, 1994r

Machholz 94r

1994 Dec. 27.26 UT, m1=11.7, Dia.=1.4′, DC=5  26cm reflector

P/Borrelly 1994l

1994 Dec. 27.27 UT, m1=8.7, DC=3, tail: 25′ in PA 270: 20×80 binoculars
1994 Dec. 27.29 UT, m1=8.7, DC=6  26cm reflector

In 26cm reflector (45x, 67x), The westerly tail is less obvious (only
about 10′).  The sunward tail is 5′ in PA 110: deg.  

Additional information can be found on Mosaic — the Comet Observation
Home Page –>

Charles S. Morris

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Distant Suns vs Project Pluto: comments wanted

Distant Suns CD-ROM is on sale at the moment, so similar in price to Project Pluto (US$70-80).  I’d
appreciate hearing comments on ease of use and usefulness of these two products.  I looking for a program
that produces good charts for CCD fields, object info (as much as possible) and perhaps rise/set, alt/az
info.  Anything else is a bonus.

Chris Brown

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Re: Comet Images

Also see the Feburary issue of Astronomy magazine on techniques for
obtaining high resolution tri-color CCD comet images, and imaging

Glenn Gombert
Dayton, Ohio

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Re: Ultima 2000

I ordered a Ultima 2000 C8 from Astronomics in early September (I’m
number four on their list) and I’m still waiting. I’ve seen one, a demo,
at Riverside this past spring, but it may have had the bug. It’s
portability is what convinced me to buy. It was colored a slate, silver,
grey, but is sure to be off-the-shelf optics. I’m going to have the
optics checked when I get it, if I ever do.

Pasquale M. Cirullo (pciru… wrote:
: In sci.astro.amateur ai…@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Christopher E Spratt) said:

: >Has the Ultima 2000 (8" and 11") by Celestron actually shipped yet? Anyone
: out  
: >there have one? If so what is it like? How was the quality etc.?
: Christopher,
:      I ordered an 11 inch Ultima 2000 in August. The shipping date kept
: getting pushed back further and further. Currently, it is slated to ship at
: the end of March 95. The problem seems to have been related to the
: developing the new tracking software. Celestron is very quiet about the
: whole thing and is providing no details. I don’t know if the 8 in scopes
: have shipped, but I suspect that if they will be using the same tracking
: software, they may not have. The scopes themselves are off the shelf c-8
: and c-11 scopes.
: I hope that answered your question.
: Pat

):-{])) <—-        mad…
 Remember amateur astronomers:
"keep looking for the next Universe"

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CCD Group

Lost the Listserver address for the CCD group. Can anyone please

— Christopher E. Spratt,  Victoria, BC  CANADA
— Internet Mail: ai… (preferred)

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Need Utah & Arsazona sights

I need some advice on were to do some observing in Southeastern Utah and        Northern Arizona.  I will be driving from Portland Or. to Moab Ut. to see my
father.  From Moab I will drive to Phoenix for my grandparents.  While I’m
there I would like to do some observing.  I plan to go to Flagstaff and see the Lowell observitory.  That’s all I have planed and I want more to do.  

                Thanks for the help:-)
                Nickolas Borders
                Hillsboro Oregon

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Must sell CELESTRON C8+.

Telescope for Sale:

        CELESTRON C8+

                MINT Condition, Used ONLY ONCE during the Jupiter
                commet crash (saw the collision markings).

        –       Celestron Optics with Starbright Coatings.
        –       Wedge with Leveling bubble for accuracy.
        –       DC R/A Motor: Uses Standard 9Volt Battery.
        –       R/A and DEC slow motion controls.
        –       Hand controller for fine-tuning in both R/A
                and DEC(with a DEC motor). (Good for Astro-Photography)
        –       Standard Finder Scope.
        –       Carrying Handle.
        –       Sturdy rubber covered Ultima 8PEC tripod with
                great vibration dampening characteristics.
        –       Prizm, 3Plossl eyepieces (20, 11, and 7mm)
                1 standard 25mm Orthoscopic eyepiece.
                1 Varipower Barlow 2.0X-3.0X
        –       Original shipping box.

        Why am I selling?
                I’ve got two jobs and have not been able to use the
                scope for a few months, so it hasn’t fit into my

        How much am I asking?
                I think with all the extras I’m throwing in,
                $1300 is a very good price.  Ofcourse there is also
                the OBO part!

So drop me a couple of lines if you’re interested.

Mark Firoozfar


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