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suggestions for a telesco

Look at the Orion catalog.

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Re: 7349 MONEY7349$

j… (Joseph C Yasinski) wrote:

>>Do what it says. I made $1,000 in three weeks!!! Just try it,

trust me!!!!

If Indiana Jones says "Trust me!", I might. Not this guy.

This is a pyramid scheme. It eventually fails because you need
an infinite number of people to meet the financial obligations.


It’s illegal. Adding somebody’s name to the mailing list of a
non-existant mail-order business is not a legitimate service.
It’s still a pyramid scheme, regardless of what clever label
you put on it.

I assume that someone will report this guy to the Internet
authorities (*are* there any?), and put pressure on his
provider to cancel his account.

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Jupiter Obs. May 4/5, 1995

Well, managed to take a look at Jupiter at 0230 to 0245 UT tonight as it
cleared some neighbours roofs. I used my 102cm refractor at 167x and a
window screen ( anti-diffraction screen ) to cut down on the glare. I
saw the North Equatorial Belt, South Equatorial Belt and the Impact Belt
which appeared as a lightish grey color.
 So, its still visible and for how long? hope others will see it before
it fades from all but the larger scopes.

Clear skies
                                Michael Boschat

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WWW: AstroNet opens large link site.

AstroNet has opened a large astronomy www-link site.


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CCD camera on Celestron C8?

I just bought a CCD camera for use with a video framegrabber on my PC.
I got it from Polaris Industries. It’s ‘analog’ in that I just get
NTSC video. No software interface so I have no control over ‘exposure


        model:                                  MB-750UX
        CCD:                                            1/3" Interline Transfer CCD
        Scanning system:                2:1 Interlace
        horizontal resolution:  420 TV Lines
        Effective pick up area: 512(H) x 492(V)
        S/N ratio:                                      45dB or more
        Light sensitivity:                      N-30 IRE, 0.1 LUX
        Auto Gain:                              ON
        Auto Iris:                                      Electronic shutter, Max 1/100,000 sec
        Gamma:                                  0.45
        Input voltage:                  8-14 vdc
        power consumption:      100 – 110 ma
        weight:                                 15 grams (0.9 oz)

The reason I include the specs is I’m wondering if this camera will
work well with my Celestron SP-C8.

The camera comes mounted in a very rugged, SMALL (about 2" x 2" x 1" )
cast aluminum case with a CMount.

I can get a CMount to TMount adapter to put it on my telescope, but
will it be worth the cost? ( ~ $60 for the CMount to Nikon lense and
!$15 for the Nikon lense to Tmount (for telescope end).)

Tech support at Polaris claims I can get a ‘timed exposure’
effect by "Using a framegrabber on a PC and taking multiple
images". I’m not sure exactly what he means here…

any insight/suggestions appreciated…


W. John Guineau                     guin…
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ST-6 vs. ST-7 CCD, what to choose?

I’ve got a question concerning SBIG CCD-cameras I hope some of you may be
able to help me out with. Consider the following: My friend has got a
Meade 10inch LX200 f/6.3 (convertable to f/4 with a field-flattener)
mounted on a concrete and steel pier for maximum rigidity.

Now, according to technical spesifications the ST-6 has got pixels 25
microns wide while the ST-7 has got pixels 9 microns wide, while both
cameras has got chipes the same size, i.e. the resolution of ST-7 is
better. But, it’s also likely to be more affected by guiding errors, since
any error will affect more pixels than the ST-6.

It should also be noted that if ST-6 is to be used, it’ll be guided with a
piggybacked refractor with ST-4 (already installed and working perfectly
with conventional film), while the ST-7′s guide chip of course will be
employed if that camera turns out to the better. So, perhaps my question
breaks down to the following: Will guiding accuracy due to the internal
guiding chip in the ST-7 be so much better than with ST-6 and piggybacked
ST-4, that one will benefit from the higher resolution?

Has anyone tested these cameras against each other on the same equipment,
and if so, would you mind mail me your results directly by email?:-) Any
opinion is welcome, even if you’re a diehard ST-6 or ST-7 fan with no
experience with the other camera. Purchasing on of these monsters is not
inexpensive, so one must prepare well.

I’ve read on this group once that there is a SBIG-newgroup, but
unfortunately I haven’t got access to it through my newsreading system.
So, I just hope any of you out there could fill me in on your experiences
with these particular cameras and if you now ftp sites where I can find
images, that yould be great too!

And as noted, please use email; ha…

Thanks a lot!!! :-)  hanst

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Variable Star Obs: 4 Mag greater than listed Max

On 4 May, 1995, at 1202 UT, a 60 second ST6 image was taken of the area
of the "non-existent" star cluster NGC 6795 in Aquila. Within the image
area (11 x 9 arcminutes), there are three SAO stars and a variable star
with the designation V364Aql. Upon examining the flat-fielded image, it
was noticed that there were 4 bright stars (brighter than mag 10)
present while in the GSC computer plot of the same area showed only 3.

It was determined that the fourth bright star was the variable, with a
magnitude, in the ccd image, of approximately 9.5. However, accessing
the data on this variable star shows the following characteristics:

        Variable V364Aql in Aquila
        M Type variable (Ceti Mira Long Period)
        Max magnitude: 13.4
        Min magnitude: 15.7
        Period: 342d
        Spectrum: M8

        Coordinates E2000.0: RA 19h 26m 2.9s, Dec +3d 30m 44s
This variable is approximately 44 arcseconds wsw of SAO 124619, which
has a magnitude of 8.2.

A check of the MicroSky Palomar Survey microfiche of this area showed
no bright stars other than the three SAO stars.

Any information on this variable, or additional observations, are much
appreciated, and I will post any further information that I come up with.

I am not a member of aavso, and was imaging the NGC, not the variable,
so I can’t say when, (or if) this variable has changed brightness. I
attempted to find an email address for the AAVSO, but without success,
and certainly can’t find them on the WWW. Anyone aware of them having
a connection to THENET?

Weather permitting, I will re-image tonight or this weekend.

Doug Snyder, San Jose Astronomy Association
Astronomy – For The Love Of It!


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Tele Vue Ranger?

In the June ’95 Sky&Tel, I saw an ad for one of the telescope dealers
(Pocono Mt.?) saying that they had the "new" Tele Vue Ranger telescope.
All it said is that it was a 2.8" scope.  Is this a mis-identification
of the Pronto?  Does anyone have more info?


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University Optics Refracters

Does anyone have any experience with the University Optics 80mm f6.25
refracter kit?  They brag about the quality, and suggest(!) posting to
this group for feedback.

Since it is a shade larger (80mm vs 70mm) and about half the price of the
Televue Pronto, it looks like a *very* appealing carry-around scope.

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Looking for astro club in MD

Hi all,

As an astronomy newbie I’m looking for a local club in the Columbia or Baltimore, MD areas. Any
suggestions, or ideas where to look for contacts?

Thanks much.

Jack Ganssle
      (The Embedded Systems Web page)

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