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Re: Tungsten diameter vs. amperage question

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Re: Windows freeware to edit & create EXIF data for JPEG photos

Google to exiftool

Have fun, Bert

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Dennis Bishop

I called the hospital and they can not release any information (it would be
a HIPA violation).

Where do we go next?

Mark F.

Hike High Mountains
Fish for Wild Trout

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Maybe it is hopeless on SAA

I was just thinking that maybe s.a.a. was going to be okay and that the
flooding was over. But tonight i find hundreds of garbage posts again. I
think maybe i’m done with usenet. Why do some ppl feel the need to ruin
things for others?

All the best to everyone. I may not be gone for good…


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New "No Entrance" Observatory!

CAA’s newe observtaory (a 1 mill facility) will have no maine
entrance. The "powers that rule" will not allow it! You probably
this this is nonsense. Well it is. But, you will still have to walk
(and carry your load(s)) the length of 2-3 football fields just to
get to the observatories. No parking has been made available
anywhere nearby, on purpose. Why would this be?  Good
question. Mere members of CAA asked why. Three answers
were cited by the engineers and officials. (1) Because we planned
it that way. You should attend meetings (50 miles away!).
(2) "Because when people have to walk a long way there is less
vandalism" ( Randy, Linn Co Conservation). The implication is of course
that we CAA members are all vandals and thieves!
(3) "Because nobody except approved people will be allowed
to take anything in or anything out. Check with the President of
the club."

OK. I accept all of the above. Not happy about it but accept it.
I know how to "take orders" –  hoohaw! Hup two three four.
Kiss my ass and close the door. Marines forever. Cept I was
an AFD brat. Zooooooooooooooooooooom! Jets.

Well so who gives a shit. The whole facility has been built for five
people anyway. Members dont matter. Mere spectators. Laborers
when needed. The rulers get all the good stuff. Its Amerika!

Spent a week with Sgt Green. Then I peed in his canteen.
Hoohah. Hoohah. CAA. CAA. Bloviating bunch of mo fos
with no damned door to even get into their damned observatory!
Good planning! Typical of course.

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tard is gone tard is gone bub bye tard fawk you

       shitetard is fawking gone       who will the gobshite rubbish saa nancy sods
bugger now
             that the gimp is gone

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Proposed gravity drive – calculation of acceleration achievable

This post works out the acceleration that could be derived from the
"emissionless drive" I described in a previous post.

Essentially, the drive works by having two (or more) large masses separated
by a long distance. If the gravitational field varies over time (as it does
in an elliptical orbit) and the gravitational field is non linear (which it
always is) then the force experienced by each mass will be different at
different times. By reducing the distance when the gravitational gradient is
high (through using a motor to bring the masses together) and increasing it
when it the gravitational gradient is low – at the top of the orbit – the
energy expended by the motor over a complete cycle is manifest as either
higher kinetic energy of the masses or a higher orbit, depending upon the

So, how practical is it?

The first thing to note is that as long as the mass of the motor and rod is
insignificant compared to the two large masses, the net acceleration is
independent of the size of the masses, and depends only upon their
separation. To see this is true, you can imagine that two identical
spaceships orbiting side by side would experience the same acceleration as a
single spaceship with the double the mass at each end.

This very convenient, because as the mass falls out of the equation we need
only consider the differences in acceleration due to gravity.

Lets make the distance between the masses vary from zero to 100 kms.

Lets make the lowest point (perigee) of the orbit 7,000 kms from the centre
of the earth (ie 600 kms above the surface). Lets make the most distant
point (apogee) 20,000 kms. Lets make g = 10 m/s^2 at 7000 kms.

Using the inverse square law, the difference in acceleration between the two
masses at 7,000 kms is:

10 m/s^2 * (7,100,000/7,000,000 – 1)^2
= 0.28 m/s^2

At 20,000 kms, the difference in acceleration at the two ends is:

10 m/s^2 * (20,100,000/20,000,000 – 1)^2
= 0.1 m/s^2

This means we have an acceleration differential of 0.28 m/s^2 at perigee but
only 0.1 m/s^2 at apogee. This is manifest as the force the motor must use
to bring the masses together or separate them, its M x 0.28 m/s^2 at perigee
but only M x 0.1 ms/^2 at apogee.

So you pull the masses together at perigee and separate them at apogee. This
give you a net difference of acceleration of 0.28m/s^2 – 0.1m/s^2, or
0.18m/s^2. Because you have two masses which must share this acceleration,
the net acceleration is 0.9 m/s^2.

This a pretty reasonable rate. You could obviously build up to escape
velocity eventually.

There are a few problems. The first is keeping the masses pointing towards
the earth, which may require gyroscopes. Alternatively, there is no reason
why the spaceship needs to have only two masses on one axis; there could be
six masses on three axis. This would mean you wouldn’t care if it tumbled,
as at least one axis would always be available. More to the point, having
multiple axis may allow the spacecraft to be steered, and the problem

This almost seems to me to be a practical "gravity drive". Even if not used
to achieve escape velocity, it would seem to suffice for orbital adjustments
(unfortunately not for circular orbits though). A spaceship designed in this
manner could operate forever with no refueling, as long as it had access to
energy (eg solar energy).

Should I patent the "gravity drive" ? Or has somebody already done this!

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Re: Add volume to sub box using a capped pipe?

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