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Re: – Psalm 40:1-5 -

It is dangerous to make man see too clearly his equality with the
brutes without showing him his greatness. It is also dangerous to make his
see his greatness too clearly, apart from his vileness. It is still more
dangerous to leave him in ignorance of both. But it is very advantageous to
show him both. Man must not think that he is on a level either with the
brutes or with the angels, nor must he be ignorant of both sides of his
nature; but he must know both.

419. I will not allow man to depend upon himself, or upon another, to the
end that, being without a resting-place and without repose.

420. If he exalt himself, I humble him; if he humble himself, I exalt him;
and I always contradict him, till he understands that he is an
incomprehensible monster.

421. I blame equally those who choose to praise man, those who choose to
blame him, and those who choose to amuse themselves; and I can only approve
of those who seek with lamentation.

422. It is good to be tired and wearied by the vain search after the true
good, that we may stretch out our arms to the Redeemer.

423. Contraries. After having shown the vileness and the greatness of
man.–Let man now know his value. Let him love himself, for there is in him
a nature capable of good; but let him not for this reason love the vileness
which is in him. Let him despise himself, for this capacity is barren; but

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Re: ""4500¸Þ°¡ °øÂ¥ ´Ù¿î·Îµå ¹ÞÀ¸¼¼¿ä""

again, and converted the nations, all was not
accomplished; and so miracles were needed during all this time. Now they are
no longer needed against the Jews; for the accomplished prophecies
constitute a lasting miracle.

839. "Though ye believe not Me, believe at least the works." He refers them,
as it were, to the strongest proof.

It had been told to the Jews, as well as to Christians, that they should not
always believe the prophets; but yet the Pharisees and Scribes are greatly
concerned about His miracles and try to show that they are false, or wrought
by the devil. For they must needs be convinced, if they acknowledge that
they are of God.

At the present day we are not troubled to make this distinction. Still it is
very easy to do: those who deny neither God nor Jesus Christ do no miracles
which are not certain. Nemo facit virtutem in nomine meo, et cito possit de
me male loqui.191

But we have not to draw this distinction. Here is a sacred relic. Here is a
thorn from the crown of the Saviour of the world, over whom the prince of
this world has no power, which works miracles by the peculiar power of the
blood shed for us. Now God Himself chooses this house in order to display
conspicuously therein His power.

These are not men who do miracles by an unknown and doubtful virtue, which
makes a decision difficult for us. It is God Himself. It is the instrument
of the Passion of His only Son, who, being in many places, chooses this, and
makes men come from all quarters there to receive these miraculous
alleviations in their weaknesses.

840. The Church has three kinds of enemies: the Jews, who have never been of
her body; the heretics, who have withdrawn from it; and the evil Christians,
who rend her from within.

These three kinds of different adversaries usually attack her in different
ways. But here they attack her in one and the same way. As they are all
without miracles, a

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Re: – 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 -

after righteousness,
the eighth beautitude.

265. Faith indeed tells what the senses do not tell, but not the contrary of
what they see. It is above them and not contrary to them.

266. How many stars have telescopes revealed to us which did not exist for
our philosophers of old! We freely attack Holy Scripture on the great number
of stars, saying, "There are only one thousand and twenty-eight, we know
it." There is grass on the earth, we see it–from the moon we would not see
it–and on the grass are leaves, and in these leaves are small animals; but
after that no more. O presumptuous man! The compounds are composed of
elements, and the elements not. O presumptuous man! Here is a fine
reflection. We must not say that there is anything which we do not see. We
must then talk like others, but not think like them.

267. The last proceeding of reason is to recognise that there is an infinity
of things which are beyond it. It is but feeble if it does not see so far as
to know this. But if natural things are beyond it, what will be said of

268. Submission.–We must know where to doubt, where to feel certain, where
to submit. He who does not do so understands not the force of reason. There
are some who offend against these three rules, either by affirming
everything as demonstrative, from want of knowing what demonstration is; or
by doubting everything, from want of knowing where to submit; or by
submitting in everything, from want of knowing where they must judge.

269. Submission is the use of reason in which consists true Christianity.

270. Saint Augustine.–Reason would never submit, if it did not judge that
there are some occasions on which it ought to submit. It is then right for
it to submit, when it judges that it ought to submit.

271. Wisdom sends us to childhood. Nisi efficiamini sicut parvuli.38

272. There is nothing

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Re: – 1 Peter 2:9-10 -

passages of the same author, nor of the same book,
nor sometimes of the same chapter, which indicates copiously what was the
meaning of the author. As when Ezekiel, chap. 20., Says that man will not
live by the commandments of God and will live by them.

685. Types.–If the law and the sacrifices are the truth, it must please
God, and must not displease Him. If they are types, they must be both
pleasing and displeasing.

Now in all the Scripture they are both pleasing and displeasing. It is said
that the law shall be changed; that the sacrifice shall be changed; that
they shall be without law, without a prince, and without a sacrifice; that a
new covenant shall be made; that the law shall be renewed; that the precepts
which they have received are not good; that their sacrifices are abominable;
that God has demanded none of them.

It is said, on the contrary, that the law shall abide for ever; that this
covenant shall be for ever; that sacrifice shall be eternal; that the
sceptre shall never depart from among them, because it shall not depart from
them till the eternal King comes.

Do all these passages indicate what is real? No. Do they then indicate what
is typical? No, but what is either real or typical. But the first passages,
excluding as they do reality, indicate that all this is only typical.

All these passages together cannot be applied to reality; all can be said to
be typical; therefore they are not spoken

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Re: may God bless America

by these signs and that wisdom, have deserved your belief,
and who have proved to you their character, declare to you that nothing of
all this can change you, and render you capable of knowing and loving God,
but the power of the foolishness of the cross without wisdom and signs, and
not the signs without this power. Thus our religion is foolish in respect to
the effective cause and wise in respect to the wisdom which prepares it.

588. Our religion is wise and foolish. Wise, because it is the most learned
and the most founded on miracles, prophecies, etc. Foolish, because it is
not all this which makes us belong to it. This makes us, indeed, condemn
those who do not belong to it; but it does not cause belief in those who do
belong to it. It is the cross that makes them believe, ne evacuata sit
crux.103 And so Saint Paul, who came with wisdom and signs, says that he has
come neither with wisdom nor with signs; for he came to convert. But those
who come only to convince can say that they come with wisdom and with signs.

                           SECTION IX: PERPETUITY

589. On the fact that the Christian religion is not the only religion.–So
far is this from being a reason for believing that it is not the true one
that, on the contrary, it makes us see that it is so.

590. Men must be sincere in all religions; true heathens, true Jews, true

591.                 J. C.

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Re: October 1st – St. Therese of the Child Jesus

‘ experiences, both at and after
conversion; some have grace working more sensibly in one way, others in
another. Some speak more fully of a conviction of the justice of God in
their condemnation; others, more of their consenting to the way of
salvation by Christ; and some, more of the actings of love to God and
Christ. Some speak more of acts of affiance, in a sweet and assured
conviction of the truth and faithfulness of God in His promises; others,
more of their choosing and resting in God as their whole and everlasting
portion; and of their ardent and longing desire after God, to have
communion with Him; and others, more of their abhorrence to themselves
for their past sins, and earnest longings to live to God’s glory for the
time to come. But it seems evidently to be the same work, the same
habitual change wrought in the heart; it all tends the same way, and to
the same end; and it is plainly the same spirit that breathes and acts
in various persons. There is an endless variety in the particular manner
and circumstances in which persons are wrought on; and an opportunity of
seeing so much will show that God is further from confining Himself to a
particular method in His w

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Re: the 300 SPARTANS, and the new visitors from RUSSIA, and JAPAN, and KOREA, in THERMOPYLES ( THERMOPYLAE) ( HOT GATES ) in GREECE

not become rich by seeing a
stranger who is so, but in fact by seeing a father or a husband who is so.

482. Morality.–God having made the heavens and the earth, which do not feel
the happiness of their being, He has willed to make beings who should know
it, and who should compose a body of thinking members. For our members do
not feel the happiness of their union, of their wonderful intelligence, of
the care which has been taken to infuse into them minds, and to make them
grow and endure. How happy they would be if they saw and felt it! But for
this they would need to have intelligence to know it, and good-will to
consent to that of the universal soul. But if, having received intelligence,
they employed it to retain nourishment for themselves without allowing it to
pass to the other members, they would be not only unjust, but also
miserable, and would hate rather than love themselves; their blessedness, as
well as their duty, consisting in their consent to the guidance of the whole
soul to which they belong, which loves them better than they love

483. To be a member is to have n

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Re: – Deuteronomy 31:6 -

Et non poterat facere.201 And yet he promises them the sign of Jonah, the
great and wonderful miracle of his resurrection.

Nisi videritis, non creditis.202 He does not blame them for not believing
unless there are miracles, but for not believing unless they are themselves
spectators of them.

Antichrist in signis mendacibus,203 says Saint Paul, II Thess. 2.

Secundum operationem Satanae, in seductione iis qui pereunt eo quod
charitatem veritatis non receperunt ut salvi fierent, ideo mittet illis Deus
optationes erroris ut credant mendacio.204

As in the passage of Moses: Tentat enim vos Deus, utrum diligatis eum.205

Ecce praedixi vobis: vos ergo videte.206

843. Here is not the country of truth. She wanders unknown amongst men. God
has covered her with a veil, which leaves her unrecognised by those who do
not hear her voice. Room is opened for blasphemy, even against the truths
that are at least very likely. If the truths of the Gospel are published,
the contrary is published too, and the questions are obscured, so that the
people cannot distinguish. And they ask, "What have you to make you believed
rather than others? What sign do you give? Y

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Re: Random Stuff for this week

Answer not."

[216]Epistle 63. "Priest of the Lord."

[217]Luke 22:26. "But ye shall not be so."

[218]John 10:30. "I and my father are one."

219John 5:7. "And these three agree in one."

220"The strictest law is the greatest injustice." Terrence, Heauton
Timorumenus, iv. 5. 47; and Cicero, De officiis, i. 10.

221John 21:17. "Feed my sheep." Not "yours."

222"The Church will never be reformed."

223Jas. 4:6. "God giveth grace unto the humble."

224"But did he not give them humility?"

225John 1:11-12. "The world knew him not; and his own received him not."

226"And were they not his?"

227Rom. 12:2 "But overcome evil with good."

2282 Tim. 4:3. "Shall they heap to themselves teachers."

229Ps. 81:6. "Ye are gods."

[230]"To your tribunal, Lord Jesus, I call."

231Wisd. of Sol. 19:4. "Doom which they deserved."

232"Most impudent Liars." See Provincial Letter xvi.

[233]Prov. 12:8. "A man shall be commended according to his wisdom."


A Faithful Narrative of the Surprising Work of God

by Jonathan Edwards


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Re: Train of thought…

from Eusebius of which the last lines are in Greek, above.

[115]"Each time that."

116Mark 2:10, 11. "But that ye may know that the son of man hath power on
earth to forgive sins… I say unto thee, Arise."

117Rom. 5:14. "The figure of him that was to come."

118Ps. 75. 5. "They have slept their sleep."

1191 Cor. 7:31 "The fashion of this world."

120Deut. 8:9. "Bread without scarceness."

121Luke 11:3. "Our daily bread."

122Ps. 71:9. "The enemies of the Lord shall lick the dust."

123Exod. 12:8. Cum lacticibus agrestibus. "With bitter herbs."

124Ps. 140:10. "Whilst that I withal escape."j

[125]Ps. 44:4 "O most mighty."

126Exod. 25:40. "Make them after their pattern, which was showed thee on the

127Mark 2:10, 11. "That ye may know… I say unto thee: Arise."

[128]John 4:23. "True worshippers."

[129]John 1:29. "Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the

130"The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked: who can
know it?"

131Is. 44:24. "I am the Lord."

132"I will do unto this house."

133"For I spoke not unto your fathers."


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