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M34 – Open Cluster in Perseus

The Messier Ten Minute Challenge

M34 – Open Cluster in Perseus

The open cluster M34 (NGC 1039) lies at a distance of about 1400 light
years. It has a diameter of 14 light years and an estimated age of
about 180 million years.

Martin Nicholson, Daventry, England.

My website is at
My informal Astronomical Blog is at

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Discover Islam

 am happy to be a member of this group and I consider you my friends.
As a friend , I like to share with you some thoughts that I believe
will be useful for your life.

Discover Islam

Please Do Not Reply This Message ; contact me at Dawaa2is…

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The right stuff

Moderated sci.astro.amateur continues to offer much of the good stuff
with the same spirit that sci.astro.amateur used to contain plus a lot
more. . .from images, to videos, to audio, to polls in which to cast
your vote, and links to NASA TV , Astrowire, and Starizona’s "Let’s
Talk Stars," radio.   Many of the same contributing members that used
to contribute to this usenet group are already there adding to the
threads.  And, our newest board, "The Best of Usenet’s
sci.astro.amateur," just might save you a little time and a lot of

Visit Moderated sci.astro.amateur (
for a refreshing change.

Martin R. Howell

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'EXPELLED' Starts Friday, "De Gloria Olivae" In Visitation


ACHTUNG! Joseph Aloysius Ratzinger, Jr. (Benedict XVI) was born
to Joseph Sr. & Maria (nee Peintner) Ratzinger at their home on
SchulstraBe 11, Marktl am Inn, Landkreis, Altotting, Oberbayern,
Deutchland (12e50, 48n15) on Saturn’s Day April 16th 1927, 8:30
AM (ST +01:00) on account of fallen Mercury S transit 9th house
under ruling Jupiter, Mars Node 1 in ascendancy, Pisces morning
Ascendant, Venus 11, Sun 10, Moon 4 Lilith, Saturn 6 F. Fortune,
Spirit 7; Mercury nearest planet ~0.9592287 AU receding malefic:…

 | Ura  7Pis08  |\Mer  4Pis46  |              |              |
 | Sun  1Ari36  | Jup 26Aqu53  |              |              |
 |              |              |              | Esp 13Sag28  |
 |              |              |              |              |
 | Ven  5Tau41  |    Astrolog 5.41G chart     |              |
 |              |Joseph Aloysius Ratzinger Jr.| Des  4Sag18  |
 |              |  Sat 16 Apr 1927  8:30:00   | For 25Sco08  |
 |              |         Marktl, GER         | Sat 13Sco15r |
 <1>07Tau13[12]-|   ST +01:00,  12e50 48n15   |–[6]07Sco13<7>
 |              |UT:  7:30:00, Sid.T: 21:55:09|              |
 |              |     Terrestrial Houses      |              |
 |              |   Caelestial / Geocentric   |              |
 | Asc  4Gem18  |  Julian Day = 2424986.8125  | Ver 22Lib07  |
 | Mar  5Gem51  | Nep  0Leo35r |              |              |
 | Nod  7Gem41r |              |              |              |
 | Plu 20Gem08  |              |              | Moo 22Vir26  |
 |              |              |              | Lil 10Vir58  |

The final worldly Pope in history is expected to visit the WOB’s
World Headquarters & their New City, beginning Tuesday afternoon
this week into Sunday evening next week. Remember the prophecies
of S. Malachy, that Benedict XVI (De Gloria Olivae) is the final
worldly Pope before Armageddon strikes the prophesied hour. When
Ratzinger dies (notably he turns 81 this Wednesday–can’t be too
far off) the persecution to the Ecclesias (the living temples of
God) will become more extreme than ever before in world history,
and during these interactions, these transactions, will be born
the pestilence so great that three parts of the world more than
the two will default (i.e. five billion dead), the grass by the
streets of the cities above the knees And to the clergy will be
made all desolation, her seven continents, the "seven mountains"
of the Apocalypse, the Roman Empire of iron mixed with miry clay:

 "In     persecutione extrema Sanctae Romanae Ecclesia (S.R.E.)
  In the persecution  extreme of the Sanctified Roman Ecclesia  

  sedebit Petrus Romanus,   qui pascet  oves      in  
  to sit  Peter  the Roman, who to feed the sheep in  

  multis tribulationibus, quibus   transactis  
  great  tribulation,     in which to transact

  civitas  septis collis   diruetur,    et  Judex  
  the city seven- hilled’s destruction, and Judge  

  tremendus  judicabit  populum      suum.    Finis."
  tremendous will judge the populace her own. The End.  

  –Maelmhaedhoc O Morgair (1094-1148)

Meanwhile, with December 21st 2012 *1711* days away and counting,
the highly controversial documentary, ‘EXPELLED: No Intelligence
Allowed’, is set to open in about 1000 movie theatres nationwide
this Friday 18 April 2008 anno Domini. And with the Pennsylvania
primary next Tuesday, the economy approaching wholesale collapse,
the war between Atheists Vs. Theists shall escalate unto the end:
the Olympians victorious the Ten & the Titans imprisoned the Ten
(to the ten compoundings) the Chrinos, the Atheists, without God,
all Antichrists in outer darkness, Limbo, afar off they shall be
in abject terror of the Light(!) Verily, every eye shall see Him,
and it won’t be cinematic.

Armageddon Cometh,
Daniel Joseph Min


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The the leftist envirosissies running cities today

I know you want to deprive us all of our cars to make the world safe
for Polar Bears but why not start simple?  GET RID of the goddamn
f—— 1960s street lighting fixtures and replace them with something
like this:

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what a joke

New cycle sunspot is a dud !…

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Putting a Rainbow Optics (RO) Spectral Filter in Front of a Telephoto Lens

The RO filter looks like a common 1.25" astronomical filter used on many
telescopes. What I would like to do with it is put it on the front of my
Canon 75-300mm zoom lens. I have a 67 mm UV filter on the front of lens now.
It needs to be replaced with something that will allow my to put the RO in
its place.

I think a critical accessory is what is called a camera filter step-up ring.
  I’ve never used one, but I’m guessing it spans the gap between it and the
next adapter, which is a prime focus adapter for a 1.25 eyepiece holder. I’m
holding something like the latter in my hand. It looks like a stove pipe
hat. Not all of it is needed. The O.D. of the hat is 1.25" and it has
threads on the inside at the top. The hat is 1.375" tall. The brim is about
1.625" (40 mm?) across, and has threads on the outside. It would be very
helpful if the hat unscrewed from the brim, so only the brim could be used.
Of course, it would need threads at the top for the RO filter.

Possibly it all works like this. Take the step-up ring and replace the UV
filter. Screw into the ring the prime focus adapter (brim). Screw the RO
filter into the adapter. Anyone know where I can get the required parts, or
some other set of parts that will do the same?

                          Wayne Watson (Nevada City, CA)

                        Web Page: <>

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Web-based Google Sky

This is a critique, which I will start with thanking Google for making
this wonderful database available through a(n exessively) simple Web
browser. Google Sky is Abell Clusters galore, and I certainly am quite
excited with it.

This said, it is obvious that this is not a time tested program. And
here we all can help. Below I will list my critiques and suggestions
in the order of decreasing urgency, and I invite you all to do the

1- I can see one truly annoying screwup in the browser, and that is
that *you can´t save the images*.

If you click on "Print" on the right edge of the screen, then you wil
get a so called "Google Sky Printer-Friendly Page", which supposedly
shows a preview of what you would print out. I don´t have a printer,
so I can´t check on that. But if I click away the printing dialoge box
(top right corner), then a multifunctional icon appears on the image
which should allow me to save it.

The problem is, that only a small cutout along the top edge and close
to the center of the preview image gets saved, and not the entire
previev. Or is this something which only happenes to me? Without the
posibility to save images, I cannot do much more than just play around
with Google Sky.

2- It´s a litteral drag if *you can´t use the right mouse button to
precisely center a certain feature on the screen*, as you can do in
Google Maps.

Not that it is such a big deal, but do I really have to build a
cardboard frame which fits around my computer screen in such a manner,
that two orthogonal threads glued to it will cross at its center? C
´mon Google!

3- I haven´t checked yet at which wavelength the basic atlas of Google
Sky has been photographed, but the comparative brightness of the stars
has little to do with what the eye perceives. Beta Ursae Minoris seems
to be the brightest star in the atlas. Thus, it can be quite difficult
to use an ordinary star map like Tirion or Uranometria in combination
with Google Sky in order to orientate oneself.

What would be needed here is an optional overlay with the *stick
figures of the constellations* and perhaps an equatorial coordinate
grid. I suppose that anyone willing to program an API ("application
programming interface") could remedy this for him/herself, but I also
believe that -due to the above mentioned circumstance- such a feature
would be of so much general interest that it should be among the
standard options provided for in the browser.

And as a matter of fact, Google Sky does indeed provide a
constellation map as a standard option. The only problem is, that this
constelleation map is merely decorative and completely useless for
orienting in the sky – since it is historical!

I could think of more suggestions to make, but the above ones in my
opinion are the most urgent ones.

So what do you guys think about Google Sky?


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M107 – Globular Cluster in Ophiuchus

The Messier Ten Minute Challenge

M107 – Globular Cluster in Ophiuchus

Discovered by Méchain in 1782 M107 (NGC 6171) seems to contain some
dark regions. This is unusual for globular clusters. As its distance
is about 21000 light years it has a diameter of roughly 80 light

Martin Nicholson, Daventry, England.

My website is at
My informal Astronomical Blog is at

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