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Star Trek Observing List

Boldly go here:…


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The calendar

As most people get their information from the unreliable Wikipedia,the
least trhey can do is explain the incremental 6 hour orbital
drift,year on year through Mar 1st of non-leap years –

I do not invalidate astronomical doctorates,the inability to accept no
more than 365  full rotations per orbital circuit is what would make
an astronomical degree worthless.Even without seeing the Wiki article,
before, the calendar is an arithmetic  entity based on the amount of
AM/PM designations across 1461 rotations as dates within the calendar
system,in this cycle,Mar 1st 2008 until Feb 29th 2012 .

The averaging process  for the steady progression of 24 hour days as a
substitute for steady rotation is intrinsic to the determination of a
full orbital cycle in terms of equal days and a fraction of days (365
days 5 hours 49 minutes) and 365 1/4 rotations which makes it possible
to insert the extra Feb 29th rotation to catch up to the 6 hour
orbital drift experienced in non-leap years in order to allow the
calenbdar convenience to function.

It is simply not possible for a person to consider themselves an
astronomer in an effort to disturb the 365 1/4 rotations as a balance
with one orbital circuit,it is already a great human tragedy without
the corrective measures that inflict ‘sidereal time’ reasoning  which
obscures  the purpose of a leap day correction.It is time for people
to earn their doctorates for a change for who could possibly consider
themselves an astronomer  by trying to disengage daily rotation from
the AM/PM designations of a daylight/darkness cycle.

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outside the Men’s Room at the Jon Daily – Stephen Colbert
Rally in the National Mall in D.C. on Saturday, Oct. 30.

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Wairarapa Times-Age
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Samoa Alive
Samoa News Online
They have contacted the publisher about a free copy but screw them.
Let ‘em pay for it.
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Morgan Brittany Fucking Scene

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2001, A. C. Clarke; When was the last time you read the book?

Not watched the film, actually read Clarke’s print version?

Stanley Kubrick did what he did and in some respects it’s a
masterpiece but if you haven’t yet, or it’s been a long time, I
recommend you read the book version.

The story isn’t really the same all the way through, there’s more
Astro in it than the movie, and it feels more satisfying as a story
than the enduro-marathon the film turned out to be.

Check it out.


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Are Mars and Titan geologically dead?

OBSERVATIONS: Are Mars and Titan geologically dead?
They say that null results never get published. Well, I’m about to break
that rule. Some of the most interesting results to come out of the
Division for Planetary Sciences meeting this week concern non-discoveries…

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