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June Solstice 2013

The Northern polar coordinates do not ’tilt’ towards the Sun in the

coming days,they are carried around to a maximum distance to the

circle of illumination by the orbital behavior of the Earth.

While it is called ‘axial precession’ at the moment,the Earth does

turn once to the central Sun each year creating this effect as it does

with all planets,simply matching up the images of Uranus with the one

currently called ‘precession’ should be good enough for anyone -

Of course nobody else is going to describe what happens over the next

few days as daylight lengths reach their maximum in the Northern

hemisphere and summer kicks in for all people in the Northern

latitudes even as their bodies naturally adjust to this orbital point

of the Earth.The point is that we are astronomers by virtue of the

great cycles around which our bodies adjust to the day/night cycle and

the annual cycle,for those who care enough to discover why our mind

and body responds to these changes need only look at the specifics of

the Earth’s motions.It is these questions that got left behind and

lost in the empirical voodoo.

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  1. admin says:

    "oriel36"  wrote in message…

    The Northern polar coordinates do not ’tilt’


    Never mind that, where in the sky is Sirius that you were

    ranting about six months ago? I can’t see it, where is

    your god hiding it?

    – This message is brought to you from the keyboard of

    Lord Androcles, Zeroth Earl of Medway.

    When the idiots papabozo and Dork Van de faggot present an argument I cannot
    laugh at I’ll retire from usenet.

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